As a maker I see my practice as something that animates objects when I bring their material together. The objects I make consist of a wide variety of materials, such as salt dough, ceramics, raisins, concrete, textiles and beet juice that live alongside my drawing practice.
           I like to think about the sculptures in relation to the body and how they can activate each other. From here the thoughts of a writer, Nan Shepherd, resonate with me on how our bodies are our instruments for our own discovery. I see the objects as something to be handled and discovered by the body and at the same time as something sculptural. The wearable asks the viewer to interact with it, even if that interaction only takes place in the imagination. It’s about tiny gestures where I want the objects to appeal to the same imagination that I have with ruins, archaeological finds and stones.
         Being inspired by a variety of fictional stories as well as research on how we construct place, I am interested in which worlds we can live in and how we form them. My drawing connects with this when I collect and write down the words and sentences people say and form when reacting to events, saying things like: “They can smell us” “Maybe it turns blue later”. On the things that catch my attention I like to elaborate on these combinations and form a scenery around them, sometimes they get taken out of context and form a different event. I like to play with the thought as if my drawing is a medium to reveal the poetry we make of the world.

Sophie Mastenbroek
 1998, The Hague


2020 – 2021
Talent TrajectTheater Rotterdam
2019 – 2019
Fine Art, Falmouth University, UK
2016 – 2020
Autonome Beeldende Kunst, Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam
All Inn, Het Hem, Zaandam, Groep
De Aanschouw Rotterdam, Solo
Window Shopper, Hilton Art Lab Rotterdam, Groep
Tussen Kunst en Cool, Coolvishandel Willem Rotterdam, Groep
Proposals for change, gecureerd door Krijn de Koning, Wellington Terrace, Falmouth, Verenigd Koninkrijk, Groep
Outside In, The Poly Falmouth, Verenigd Koninkrijk, Groep
participant in the Blind Date, Codarts X WDKA, Rotterdam
Badgasten, Oostelijk Zwembad,Rotterdam, deel van kunstroute Kralingen – Crooswijk, Groep


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