In my work I bring materials together to make sculptural installations come to life, which live alongside my drawings. I make objects consisting of different materials, such as salt dough, ceramics, raisins, cement, textiles and beet juice. The materials transform between hard and soft, being static and moving, objects are changing in substance. In these transformations of objects and materials exciting contrasts arise, when, for example, the rough objects made of ceramics balance high up on a rope. In my sculptures, I also explore the relationship to the body and how these two can activate each other. Here I see the objects as something that can be discovered and be connected to the body and at the same time as a sculptural element. Driven by various fictional stories and research into how place can be constructed, I am interested in which worlds we can live in and how we form them. My drawings are connected to this. As a result of certain events, I collect my observations in language. I use these finds as spells describing the earth that carry within themselves poetry, mystery and beauty

Sophie Mastenbroek
 1998, The Hague


Talent TrajectTheater Rotterdam
Fine Art, Falmouth University, UK
2016 – 2020
Autonome Beeldende Kunst, Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam

Schoppen en Graven, het IJzerblok, Rotterdam – organisatie en deelname, groep
WDKA Graduation show, 27-30 oktober, Rotterdam
Human, de Beeldentuin, Zwammerdam, groep
Sand Rays – earth drawing & drawing the earth, platform Talent – Room by RAM, Gallery Viewer, online solo
All Inn, Het Hem, Zaandam, Groep

Window Shopper, Hilton Art Lab, Rotterdam, Groep
De Aanschouw, Rotterdam, Solo
Tussen Kunst en Cool, Coolvishandel Willem, Rotterdam, Groep
Proposals for change, gecureerd door Krijn de Koning, Wellington Terrace, Falmouth, Verenigd Koninkrijk, Groep
Outside In, The Poly Falmouth, Verenigd Koninkrijk, Groep
participant in the Blind Date, Codarts X WDKA, Rotterdam
Badgasten, Oostelijk Zwembad,Rotterdam, deel van kunstroute Kralingen – Crooswijk, Groep

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